My Passion for Exploring with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta

I was recently handed the keys the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta for the weekend and tasked with ‘Finding My Passion’.  A pretty open brief to say the least but I do like to take on a challenge.

The very handsome hatchback was given a bit of a makeover last year and as a result is now better looking than ever.  I was delivered the top spec Veloce edition in matte magnesio grey that suited the Giulietta’s curvaceous chassis perfectly.  The dark grey, black and red alcantara leather interior of this car really gives this model an ultra clean sports luxe feel which was something that I really liked.

Anyway it was time to take the car out on the road and start thinking about my passion.  With 240hp at the core it’s core the new Giulietta is a powerful beast but also a pleasure to drive.  It’s almost a bit too easy feeling at times as it handles the road extremely well, even at top speed.

I’m lucky enough to live in Scotland so have lots of stunning drives and areas to explore pretty much on my doorstep.  Driving along a picturesque route in a car that is a pleasure to drive is one of the most enjoyable experiences in my opinion.  I took off around and about Loch Lomond (just 30 minutes from Glasgow) where the scenery is stunning,  There is nothing quite like taking on a corner nice and smoothly to be rewarded with a stunning new view or vista at the other side.

It was around about that point that I had my lightbulb moment – my passion was for exploring and for the freedom that comes with driving.  I find it is a great way to relax and gather your thoughts too with your favourite album as the sound track.  If you have not went for a solitary drive through the countryside in good weather then I definitely recommend giving it a try, especially if you are lucky enough to get behind the wheel of a car like the new Alfa Romeo Giuelietta.



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