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I ain’t going to lie, skateboarding has never been one of my strongpoints.  I’ve tried a few times over the years to get into it and never been all that successful but have decided to give it another bash. God loves a trier and all that, right?

As I’m just starting out (again) on my skateboarding journey, I thought I would share a few of the things that I have come to learn with you, just in case you fancy following in my footsteps and taking up boarding…

Finding the right skateboard

Selecting a skateboard for you is a pretty important aspect of learning how to skate.  Penny Skateboards are probably the most well-known of all brands on the market right now and one of the most durable builds too.

When it came to selecting a colour (of which Penny have a vast range) I of course went for black.  The All black Blackout 2.0 22 board in fact, which not only looks the part but offers a non-slip waffle deck and light but strong aluminium trucks enhance manoeuvrability, so you can cruise with ease.

Get a good grip

Penny Skateboard

If you want to actually stay upright and on the board then you need to find a pair of shoes with a decent grip.  There are of course a wad of recognised ‘skater’ brands that will do the job but basically any trainer or shoes with a rubber/vulcanised sole is a good bet.

Avoid anything with leather, flat sole or flip-flips or you will immediately lower your chances of success. Being a sneaker lover I opted for a pair of black leather Lacoste with a rubber sole to compliment my ‘blackout’ board.  I topped my all black look off with this Asos 2 in 1 parka.

Location, location, location

Most big towns and cities will have at least one outdoor skatepark that you can use but these can often be pretty busy especially at peak times so can be a bit daunting for beginners.  My advice is to steer clear of these until you build up your confidence a little bit.  Instead, seek out a quiet area with some nice smooth concrete like a driveway or carpark which aid you in learning the basics.

Take your time

Of course like with any sport or physical activity some people have far greater natural ability than others.  To get yourself started, forget about doing any tricks and jumps and focus on staying on the skateboard.

Start by finding a comfortable position for you to stand on the board., perhaps initially try it on a carpet or something which will give you a little more stability and control.  Once you master that you can work on your push-off…

Good luck and don’t forget to wear a helmet, especially if you are skating on hard ground.

This post has been written in collaboration with Penny Skateboards.

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