Philips Downtown Denim Headphones

Philips 1

When it comes to listening to my music I normally keep it simple and stick with the bog standard in-ear set that came with my phone.  These days there seems to be a massive market in ‘designer’ headphones in a variety of colours, materials and endorsed by a growing list of celebrities.

I was recently selected along with a few other top bloggers to take part in a 4 week trial of the Philips Downtown Denim headphones as part of their YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS PROJECT.  As I unbox the headphones for the first time and stick them on my head first impression is how comfy they are to wear – my biggest gripe with my current set are that they hurt my ears.  Only time will tell however and if these continue to be like cushions for my lil ears…

Back to the project…Philips have also sent me a music madness pack including a Spotify voucher and some music magazines.  It has been pretty much years since I read a music magazine so having a brisk flick through them is weirdly nostalgic.  Also in there is another pair of headphones to giveaway to one lucky reader in the coming weeks.  Make sure you keep an eye on the ‘Win’ pages for further details.

For the next few weeks these headphones shall become my extra limb as I try to get a feel for them and decide if they make the grade…or not.  I will share my full experience with you all soon.

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