Planning a city break to Düsseldorf

healthcare in dusseldorf

European city breaks are fast becoming my favourite type of holiday. They are easy to plan and they’re so much variation. You can find cities that specialise in shopping, partying, food culture or healthcare in the case of Düsseldorf.

What is Health Tourism?

The concept of health tourism is simple and couples a visit to a city like Dusseldorf for the purposes of medical treatment. You can get quicker treatment than you may elsewhere in some top-rated facilities and depending on your condition will also be able to explore the city.

Why not take a friend or family member along, that way you don’t have to be alone before or after your treatment and you can enjoy time together in the city.

Düsseldorf is known for its state-of-the-art medical institutions with quality health care and shorter waiting times so it’s a great choice for something like orthopaedic treatment. If you have health care insurance already, they may cover part of the cost too so it’s worth exploring, check with your provider to see what they can do for you.

healthcare in dusseldorf

You can easily make an appointment from home via the Düsseldorf Heath website. Based on your situation, they will explain what steps you need to take and help you back on your journey to full health.

You can find an English-speaking clinic easily via the Health Tourism Düsseldorf website as well as their catalogue of services on offer.

Things to do in Düsseldorf

Choosing a smaller city like Düsseldorf often pays dividends as they offer lots of less well-known sights and places to visit – that means you can get some great shots for your Instagram that not everyone else has!

The city is located on the Rhine, a bustling river which is a busy hub for river cruises. From here you can take a river cruise through Germany and on to The Netherlands and beyond. A stroll along the embankment is a great way to soak up the city’s vibe, partake in some people-watching and see the ships glide under the three great bridges.

If you enjoy browsing the luxury shopping boutiques, head to Königsallee, home to the big labels as well as independent stores, art galleries and hotels. Afterwards, take in the Carlsplatz market in the Old Town where you can sample foods of every delicacy. 

Düsseldorf has a rich musical history too; you can take in a show at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein or the Tonhalle. For fans of architecture like me, don’t miss MedienHafen’s striking modern architecture.

Where to stay inDüsseldorf

Travelling to Germany from the UK is very quick and easy. Most major cities offer cheap flights. Even if you’re closest city does not have a direct link toDüsseldorf you will be able to travel to another and link by train or hire a car and drive. You can even fly to Amsterdam and take a fast train from there.

You’re spoiled for options on places to stay in Düsseldorf, there are six 5-star and fifty 4-star hotels. Many are connected to or have affiliations with medical clinics, so if you are planning a trip for treatment, it is a good idea to look at those.

If you like a more boutique, design-led place, check out The Fritz, it hosts its own Michelin-starred restaurant FRITZ’S FRAU FRANZI.

Booking a trip to Düsseldorf for Orthopaedic treatment

healthcare in dusseldorf

There’s not much worse than experiencing problems with your muscles, joints, bones, or tendons and facing a long wait for treatment here in the UK. These issues can impede your daily routine and make it impossible to maintain a good fitness regime.

If you’re able to then considering this kind of treatment here could save you months of discomfort and pain.

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