Polo Ralph Lauren Summer 2013

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Lookbook Summer 2013

It is hard to think of a brand more iconic than Polo Ralph Lauren.  The Polo emblem is instantly recognised the world over and the signature styles are often copied – there is of course no mistaking the original quality and style of the classic American brand.

For summer 2013 Polo Ralph Lauren has an emphasis on the patriotic American colours of red, white and blue as well as their usual bright/pastel shades across polo’s, swimwear and chino’s.

Another strong theme running through the summer range is plaid.  Plaid is not for everyone and should be avoided on mass but selecting one key piece such as a blazer, holdall or pair of shorts and pairing such with a some more subdued garments will deliver a standout Ralph Lauren summer look.

The great thing  about the summer collection from Polo Ralph Lauren is the ease in which an outfit can take you from a daytime event through to a slightly more formal evening engagement by making a minor alteration.  Just changing shoes or throwing on a sweater or blazer can dress an outfit up.  The timeless style of the product makes this such an easy transition.

Let’s be honest when people think of Polo Ralph Lauren they think of the custom fit polo shirt.  These are now available in a mighty array of colours/fits and come in various washes and materials.  Always a real investment piece that you will most certainly get your moneys worth from due to continued wear across seasons.

I have had a look through the summer collection available online from John Lewis and selected a few of my favourite items – it was quite a challenge but I have gone functional and classic!

The item I am lusting after most is the brown leather gym bag shown above. This bag is serious arm candy for lads and has been constructed from premium leathers that will last many years, in my opinion a bag like this only gets better with age and wear anyway.

Which Polo Ralph Lauren item are you adding to your summer shopping list?  Browse the full collection at John Lewis.



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