Prepare to be amazed by the t-shirt technology that actually repels water and stains!

When I heard about this new water-resistant technology that clothing brand Reality Dreams have made available and instantly thought what a load of codswallop!  A t-shirt that doesn’t get stained when you drop ketchup covered french fry on it, really?  Well after trying out the technology on one of the Reality Dreams t-shirts for myself I have now seen the light.  Those embarrassing situations can become a thing of the past.

I love a white t-shirt.  They make up maybe 80% of my wardrobe, some may call it boring but I call it a classic look, after all it worked for James Dean, didn’t it?

The clothing is treated with a unique new hydrophobic treatment which creates a fascinating, water repelling effect on the fabric, the perfect opportunity to impress your mates with something that seems to question reality altogether!

Now here comes the science bit…following treatment with REP-L fabric formula  nanoparticles enter the microscopic natural pores and capillaries of the fabric surface, smoothing out tiny imperfections and covalently bonding to the substrate material, to create a hydrophobic, highly protective, long lasting barrier, which is durable, non-invasive and protects against damage caused by water, pollution, UV, dirt and fouling.

The treatment can be added to any of the Reality Dreams range of t-shirts and sweater for a small cost extra.  Worth it when you think of the benefits I guess.

Bag yourself 10% off with the discount code RDEVERYDAY at the checkout!


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