The pros and cons of group workouts

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Over the course of January gyms will be full of their members, with many stepping into the environment for the first time. For anyone who is planning to attack the gym during 2014, have you ever thought of the pros and cons of group workouts?

People react differently to group workouts, so we have decided to briefly list a few pros and cons of having gym buddies:



Motivation can be hard to come by when you’re alone in the gym. When the going gets tough and it is the last few reps in your set, some tend to not finish and accept defeat. In the presence of friends, you generally do not want to fail, especially if everyone else has completed their sets. Friendly competition can spur you on.

Keeping to a schedule

When thinking about going to the gym, it is easier to skip a workout if you’re just going by yourself then if you were to go with friends. Cancelling on your friends can cause bad social repercussions. Keeping to your gym routine is the key to being successful.


Lack of reaching individual goals

Going to the gym with friends can be good but it can also be bad for your individual goals. If you have different goals and attend the gym together, it is very easy to forget your own exercises and join in with your friend’s routine. Distracting you from your long and short term aims.

Too much talking not enough action

When around friends it is natural for you to talk throughout anything you do. That statement even applies to the gym. You can spend too much time talking about last night then concentrating on using the correct form during exercises. It also means you’re in the gym for double the time.

Decision time

To be honest, some people work better by themselves and others find it more effective to work with gym buddies. It is something you will learn about yourself within the first few weeks of working out. Finding a friend that has the same goals and aims as you is a massive bonus.


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