Is the PS4 all its cracked up to be?


Is there any stopping the Sony Playstation?  Just over a week since the PS4 launched and it has already become the fastest selling next generation games console on the market.  Somewhere in the region of 2.4million consoles have already been sold worldwide…who knows if you have been an extra good boy this year there may be one sat waiting on you on Christmas morning.

If there is one thing that gamers crave it is new technology and developments, that is why these launch events are such big business.  Sure we all love the classic games and iconic video game sounds that we grew up with…think super mario…but pushing the boundaries is what it is all about for most.

But seriously what is so great about the latest console from Sony?  Well Sony boasts that the PS$ is 10 times more powerful than its predecessor.  It has also been confirmed recently that games for previous models including the PS3 will not function on the PS4.   Of course Sony will claim this is due to the complex make up of the new chip and that there will be a streaming service available soon that will allow for PS3 compatible gameplay.

The controller retains the familiar Playstation shape but has a few new functions including a front touch panel.  It is a little heavier than the PS3 version too.

Price…well of course the current selling price gazumps the PS3 with the PS4 starting at £349 with no games included.  This will of course drop over the coming months but any of you out there keen to get stuck into the latest technology on offer will have to dig deep.


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