Ralph Lauren kicks Rugby off the park

Ralph Lauren will axe its Rugby label at the end of February 2013 after only 9 years trading.  The move by the label is the latest sign that the love affair with the all american preppy look may be coming to an end.  Jack Wills recently announced they will be ditching their Aubin & Wills brand after Christmas and Abercrombie did not give its Ruehl label much time to shine pulling the plug as mounting costs made it unprofitable.



The Rugby chain has 14 stores across the world including one in Covent Garden, London, all of which shall shortly close.  The expansion of American fashion powerhouse Abercrombie and Hollister has somewhat diluted the appeal of the preppy.  It will come as no surprise that Ralph Lauren have now decided to shift focus back to its more popular and desirable Polo brand.



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