RBS Finding Scotland’s Real Heroes

RBS Scotlands Real Heroes

To be perfectly honest I normally find the self loving, back-patting essence of award ceremonies quite grotesque.  Of course, the type of award ceremonies that spring to mind are those celebrity-filled extravaganzas where soap stars etc battle it out for the most paparazzi attention on the night.  Last week however I was delighted to have been asked to be a part of something entirely different – RBS Finding Scotland’s Real Heroes.

The RBS Finding Scotland’s Real Heroes were a real breath of fresh air.  Most of the hardworking and selfless nominees here were put up for the gongs by friends or family members who wish to highlight the great work that they do within their communities.  Of course, being nominated is a great achievement in itself but most of these guys will tell you that their reason for doing this work is to make a difference and not to be honoured at such an event.

I headed along to the ceremony in Edinburgh was a gang of other bloggers, each of us was allocated the job of being the ambassador for a specific award category.  I was tasked with the Sporting Volunteer of the Year award that was eventually won by Andrew Campbell of Camran Taekwondo in North Lanarkshire.


I’ll be catching up with Andrew in the coming weeks to find out more about his work at Camran and how winning the award will help improve the service for the young people who take part in the sport.

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