The rebirth of the Napapijri Rainforest Jacket

The Everyday Man

As far as heritage brands go Napapijri are still quite a new kid on the block, but having grown up in the 80’s they just about earn themselves that badge.  If you’ve not heard of the brand before, they started off life in Italy in 1987 making bags, but it wasn’t until the early 1990’s that they really hit it big with the launch of the outerwear collections.

Like any popular sportswear or outdoor clothing brand from the 1990’s worth their salt, Napapijri have made the most of the resurgence of the trend but re-launching earlier this year.  The new collection features slightly refreshed versions of their classic designs including their hero item, the Rainforest Jacket.  Even if you don’t know the brand that well, the sight of these jackets will be familiar.  The windbreaker jacket with its large kangaroo pocket and Napapijro branding on the front is without a doubt still their signature style.

The Everyday ManThe Everyday ManThe Everyday Man

For Winter 2017, Napapijri have given the Rainforest Jacket a bit of a makeover to suit the colder weather.  The design on the exterior is more or less exactly the same as but the inside has been lined with some super soft fleece that goes all the way into the hood for extra warmth.  If you do get too hot (unlikely if you are in the UK over winter) then there’s a side seam that zips down to let some air flow, so you’re sorted.

Photos by Jonathan Sword

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