Reebok Classics present ‘This is the start of something’

Reebok Classics

Reebok continue their relationship with The RigOut and RSA Films to present ‘This is the Start of Something’.  In the short film, Reebok Classic takes to the streets of New York to tell a story of opportunity, possibility and new beginnings, reliving the brand’s development in the States during the 90’s.

The film documents a young Northern lad heading stateside in search of new beginnings, looking to discover what America has to offer. Set to the backdrop of Manhattan he finds the answer to his question and fulfils his destiny. This inspirational film is created with an aspirational creative direction that reflects Reebok Classic’s heritage as a pioneering product brand, celebrating the past, present and future of British youth culture.

As part of the overall campaign, Reebok will be rewarding a young creative the chance to fulfil their creative dreams. Follow Reebok Classic on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more information on how to be a part of this unique and exciting opportunity, working with one of the most powerful brands in the history of footwear.

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