Replay x FC Barcelona

Replay x FC Barcelona Collection

Italian denim powerhouse Replay have announced that they will continue to dress the Barcelona football team for the next 4 years.  The exclusive deal will see Replay provide a line of both smart and casual wear for the players and staff at the Catalan club.

The ‘smart’ look centres around a comfort denim satorial suit in a light shade of blue.  The fabric of the suit is specially treated to give it a sleek, glossy appearance.  The suit is worn with a Replay slimfit white shirt for a smart but comfortable effect.

This move away from the traditional formal wear associated with official football club dress is a bold one for Barcelona.  I am sure however that it is one that will be well received by the fashion conscious players who are already no strangers to the pages of glossy magazines like GQ already.

Do you think with changing times this is a good idea or are you a stickler for tradition?  Tell us what you think about the collection below…

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