Review: BassBuds In Ear Headphones

BassBuds Gift Box

We were recently sent a pair of BassBuds in-ear headphones to try out.  They impressed us so much that we thought it was only fair to review them and tell you lot about them too.

BassBuds come in a range of over 20 colour combinations so there is bound to be a pair in your favourite colour – I choose platinum/grey to match my gym trainers.  As you can see in the picture above BassBuds come in a presentation gift box.  The box includes in-ear buds, a velvet carry pouch, several tips as well as a little instruction book.  Each ear bud comes with a Swarovski crystal on the outside which gives this product a bit of bling but is not too in your face in this colour.

I normally use a basic pair of apple headphones for the gym which provide decent enough sound but are not the most comfortable to wear.  The first thing I noticed when I put the buds in my ears was how much better these felt than the apple ones I had been using.  One of the features that appealed most to me was the ‘tangle-free’ wire.  I was a bit dubious about this. With previous sets of headphones it seemed no matter how I put them away in my bag I would spend a couple of minutes untangling them the next time I used them.  To test this feature I scrunched the BassBuds up into the carry pouch then quickly yanked them out with ease.  Result!

As far sound, the Swarovski crystals are not just there for design, they highlight the advanced Crystaltronics sound technology which work to provide a crisp clear sound.  I cranked the volume up to maximum and tested with a few different tracks all of which sounded sharp and blocked out all background noise.

These headphones not only look good and sound good but they appear to be a quality and well-made product.  If you want to try them for yourself they are currently available at the special price of £34.95 for a limited time from the official BassBuds website.


  1. Wow! These sound really cool. I’ve been having issues with the bog standard Apple ones and not a massive fan of the big Dr Dre types so may give this a try.

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