Review: The Braun Cooltec Razor

Braun Cooltec

One of the reasons that I decided to grow my beard was my hatred of daily shaving, more specifically my hatred of razor burn.  No mater what product I tried I could find nothing to soothe the burn as it were and so I decided to throw in the towel and let my facial mane grow out.

Braun have revealed a new shaver that may be a solution for those of you in a similar position to myself who are unable or unwilling to ditch shaving.  The Braun Cooltec features Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology which helps to transport heat away from the skin for a cooling shaving experience which is theory leads to less razor burn and irritation.  Bonus!

When you unbox the razor for the first time you notice the weight is a tad heavier than other electric razors. I did not find this off-putting though as it felt sturdy and well made.  As with most premium models this sits in a charging cradle to power up.  I noticed that after around 45 minutes it was fully juiced and ready to go.

So how does the Cooltec feature work?  Incredibly easily.  With the touch of a button (the big blue snowflake button to be precise) you activate the Cooltec mode.  A few seconds later and you can start on your stubble.  The sensation is a little weird compared with ordinary shaving, its like rubbing a piece of cold metal on your cheeks. I used it to tidy up the areas around my beard (neck and cheeks) and after a few minutes rubbing the concentrated area I noted that my skin was not as red or irritated as normal.  So on the coolness rating I would definitely have to proclaim that it does exactly what it says on the box.

I tried the razor firstly on longer stubble and felt it struggled a little with this at first but there is a handy shaping trimmer on the back that slides up and can be used to shape edges or trim down longer hair to start with.  Once trimmed down the normal shaving blades can be used for a smooth finish.

For peace of mind and convenience the clean & renew system efficiently ensures that the razor is always ready to go by lubricating and hygienically cleaning the heads at the touch of a button.

We tested the Braun Cooltec CT2s Model which is priced at £199.99

The Everyday Man rating 8/10


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