Review: Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Earphones

The Everyday ManEver since Apple introduced their EarPods a couple of years back there has been a big shift in people opting for the wire free way to listen to music.  Personally though, I’ve always favoured an over the ear headphone and having tried quite a few brands, I’ve settled on the Sennheiser Momentum as my favourites.

Sennheiser have finally made the move to true wireless sound too with the introduction of Momentum True Wireless, a completely wireless earbud which is said to offer uncompromised sound and refined design.

Traditionally wireless earphones have never been able to quite match their wired brothers and sisters in terms of sound quality or reliability that is because the limited space and the need for Bluetooth technology to be included limits space and possibilities.  These offer a very impressive spec list though, so I was keen to seen how they performed against my over the ear old faithful’s.

At first glance and from a purely design point of view the Momentum True Wireless look great.  They come (as is now the standard for earbuds) in their own carry case/charging dock.  The grey and black colour scheme is very pleasing, and the finish is as high quality as you would expect from a premium brand like this.  The buds themselves are really lightweight but in my opinion still a tad large for my ears (they are around double the size of Apple EarPods).  I’m not sure if it is just something that you have to get used to, but I didn’t find having them in my ears terribly comfortable.  That being said, I’ve never found any earbud overly comfy to wear so this is possibly purely personal.

The controls take a bit of getting used to also.  It’s not that they are tricky to get used to it’s more of a case that you’re best to read the quick start instructions other than just picking them up and having a go yourself, like we normally do these days.

I’ve already mentioned that the battery life is good at 4 hours, but the case also provides 2 additional charges so as well as being a safe and secure place to store the buds it has it’s uses too!

Putting everything else aside, the sound is the most impressive feature of these though. I’ve tried quite a few buds now and these wipe the floor with all of them to date.  I found that they keep background noise out very well and the sound across a variety of genres of music more than met my expectations.  If you are a big fan of base then you maybe want to look at a more powerful over the ear style but on the flip, I don’t think that you will find such good sound (or base) on any competitor.

These are a premium product and at £279.99 the price point certainly matches so I’d say that these are an investment price for true music fans but with great sound, and great battery life like this they are certainly future proof too.

For the purposes of this review, Sennheiser provided a product for use.  All opinions and views on the product are my own honest thoughts.

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