Ropes & Rowers @ Equinox


I’m a gym regular but one thing I rarely do is take part in any form of group exercise normally preferring to do my own thing.  Sometimes that works well and other times (when you are feeling a little lazy) it does not work quite so well.  Last month Equinox asked me to bring along a few friends (big thanks to my chums Lucie, Joey, Joel, Nik and the rest of the gang for coming down) to try out one of their very latest high intensity group workout classes at their gym in London.

It had been quite a while since I took part in any form of ‘circuit’ but they were always something I enjoyed.  The kind of class where you get out exactly what you put in.  For the lazier gym folk among us there is rarely little hiding from the instructor who is never too shy to give you some gentle motivation if they think you could be working a little harder.  For Ropes & Rowers our instructor was the pint-sized but superfit Caitlin, the group fitness manager at Equinox London.


Ropes & Rowers is a fast-paced class with of course rowing and whipping battle ropes at its heart but also features some traditional circuit exercises at two other stations which don’t use heavy weights per say but the high rep’s at each station does ensure you will shortly be feeling the burn!  There are 4 stations and a loud buzzer will tell you when to move on.  The changeovers are fast paced meaning the only breathing time you get is after the first round of all 4 stages.

I looked round the room and even some of the fitter guys and girls taking part where busting a sweat but don’t let that put you off if you are only moderately fit.  None of the exercises are particularly complexed making them easy for beginners to pick up.

Would I go again? Most definitely! Who fancies giving it a bash?  Visit to find out more on their diverse and vast range of classes on offer.

Equinox, 99 High Street Kensington, London

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