Samsung Introduce the Family Hub & AddWash

Samsung Family Hub

You may remember last Autumn I told you that I had kicked off an exciting new partnership as an ambassador with Samsung Home Appliances where I was lucky enough to get a look at and in some cases my hands on some of their products to test well before they hit store.  This year I will be continuing to work with them and recently joined them at CES (the worlds largest consumer electronics convention) in Las Vegas to see the unveiling of some of their very newest innovations.

This was not only my first time at CES but also my first time in Las Vegas and I was taken aback at the sheer scale of this event.  The Samsung stand alone was the size of multiple football pitches and crammed full of everything from their Home Appliance, Mobile and technology ranges.

The big news of the day was the launch of the Samsung Family Hub – a fridge like no other.  As you can see from the image above the core of this appliance is the large touch screen on the door which does just about everything except from cooking your dinner.  I’m serious this thing acts as a memo board, information wall, streaming device, photo album and loads more.  I want one badly!

Next up was the unveiling of the updated Samsung AddWash, a washing machine with one simple but greatly time-saving addition.  The designers have added a sleek extra door on the front which allows to open it up mid cycle and slide those forgotten socks or other stray items into the drum.  How no one has thought of it before I’ll never know.

This content is brought to you in collaboration with Samsung Home Appliances however all words, views and opinions are my own.

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