The Samsung Powerbot VR9000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It’s not that I don’t enjoy cleaning I just find it hard to devote quite enough time to it with a hectic lifestyle of work and travel.  In the pretty limited amount of leisure time at home that I do get the last thing on my to do list is to pull out the vacuum cleaner and start the chores.  That was until my Samsung Powerbot arrived.  Cleaning just got a whole lot easier…and a whole lot more fun too!

So what is the Samsung Powerbot exactly?  Well in simple terms it’s a robot vacuum cleaner.  YES I am serious that really is a thing now!!  It does the job automatically with your only required involvement being to turn it on using the remote.  You have the ability to lie back on the sofa while this handy little device takes care of the tidying up on your behalf.  Does it actually do a decent job of it though or is there a need to go round the edges of the furniture afterwards?  Well I put it to the test to find out just that…

After unboxing it needs to be charged up before use.  There is a charging ‘home’ dock where the Powerbot lives when it is not at work.  It’s best to place this somewhere against a wall and on a hard surface floor.  I charged it for a few hours initially and was then good to go.  It uses a built-in digital camera and 10 smart sensors to find the best and most efficient route around your home and to avoid bumping into any obstacles along the way.  It stores a map of your home in the memory after the first circuit which makes sure it never misses a spot or room.

To get started with the cleaning was easy though. I pressed auto and off to work it went.  It slows down as it moves from floor type to floor type thanks to the EasyPass wheels and reacts to the obstacles that it encounters well too.  It did get caught on one of my shoe laces, but I guess that is just my own laziness for not putting them away properly.  It’s only a vacuum after all and not a general cleaner too unfortunately!

The sensors avoid stairs too, it will go to the edge but not fall down.  I guess that is the only area that you will still need to clean yourself as it won’t be able to move up and down them obviously.  It is relatively light as far as vacuum cleaners go so there is not a problem lifting it from one level of the home to another.

I was pretty impressed with the power of the device especially given the size of the Powerbot.  It’s advertised as being 20x more powerful than previous robot hoovers which puts it right up there with the best performing uprights on the market.

If you don’t want to vacuum an entire room and have maybe just dropped something or noticed some mess on the floor then you can use point and clean to target a specific area.  Simply point the laser light onto the area you want cleaned and the Powerbot will make its way there and clean up the mess.  Once complete press the home button on the remote and it will head back to the dock and resume charging.  It’s that easy.


• This content is brought to you in collaboration with Samsung Home Appliances however all words, views and opinions are my own.

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