Sci Mx X-Plode Hardcore Pre-Workout Review


It’s great when you find a pre-workout that works well for your needs and provides a welcome boost to your workouts. The trouble comes a few months down the line when your body gets used to it. At this point, I don’t find the boost as noticeable and I find myself looking to try something new.

Xplode by Sci-Mx is one alternative pre-workout that I have been using the past few weeks. The first thing I noticed when preparing a serving is that each scoop was pretty large. I was not surprised then to read in the directions that only two scoops are required. It takes quite a lot of water to get a perfect consistency – I used around 250ml’s.

Once mixed the drink has an orange juice like appearance and actually tastes pretty sweet, without that bitter taste you get with some similar products.

So how does it score in terms of boosting your workout? In my opinion pretty well. I noticed that I had more energy, endurance and was able to push out a few extra sets during my training sessions. One of the big plus points for me though was the lack of noticeable side effects. I didn’t get that unnatural feeling heartbeat, sweats or headaches that I have with some other pre-workouts.

£31.19 for a 400g tub


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