Sennheiser URBANITE Headphones

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I was majorly gutted last month on discovering that I had lost/left my Sennheiser Momentum headphones in a hotel room.  Not sure how a pair of headphones quite that large manages to slip through the net but somehow I managed to lose them.  Anyway the one good thing that came from my negligence was the need to seek out a new pair.  Every cloud and all that.

I have been a fan of the Sennheiser brand for years now and think they are hard to match in terms of durability and quality so opted for the new Urbanite model in black.  Without wishing to quote that girl who is currently in the charts, these headphones are all about the bass.  Just the way I like to listen to my music.  The clarity is as near to perfect as I have ever heard too.

So I am aware that this is starting to sound like an advert.  Well it ain’t, there  are actually a few little things that I find a bit annoying.  Firstly the ear pads, as comfy as these are when you are wearing them I find that they detach quite easily and are a big fiddly to get back on.  On top of that the built-in remote that sits on the wire is a little bit too high and I find it annoying being so near to my face.  Possibly minor niggles that don’t affect the sound or overall look of the headphones buy they annoy me personally.

I think that these are a great little bit of audio kit and would give them an overall rating of 4/5.  Not too shabby.


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