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The Everyday ManIt’s crazy how many of the products that we know use daily and take for granted would have seemed like pie in the sky ideas just 5 or 10 years ago.  Nowadays we don’t think twice about controlling our home heating or lighting from a mobile app, monitoring our heart rates from a watch or pause ‘live’ TV from the touch of a button.  How on earth did we cope before we had all of these tools?   I wonder what our homes will be filled with in another 5 years from now?

Amazon, recently launched their special #ShopTheFuture store by recruiting a team of expert ‘Futurists’ to explore the products and tools that will soon be transforming our day-to day lives.  From wellbeing to the home to food to health and fitness, there are lots of new tools coming our way that aim to make our lives easier, healthier and more efficient.  Some of the Futurists picks are products that we are already using and others are brand new.  The common factor is that they are all things that will save us time and make communication and staying in touch with family and friends easier.

I’ve been asked by Amazon to have browse the Shop The Future products and to select a couple of items that I think will benefit my lifestyle.  This was certainly no easy task as there are loads of cool new gadgets and products that I wanted to try for myself.  After much deliberation I settled on a couple of items that I think would make a real difference to me though.  The Horizn Studios Carry On Suitcase and the LaMetric Smart Clock.

A suitcase might not seem like the most futuristic of products at first glance, but I choose the Horizn as it has a few hidden and very handy features.  Firstly, the key USP of this case is it’s a mobile charging station for your smartphone or gadgets.  A built-in battery pack is secreted on the back of the case and will give you up to 6 full smartphone charges, anyone who travels regularly will know how invaluable this will be when you can’t find a PowerPoint and you have an urgent email to send.  The build of the case is pretty futuristic too; it’s made from ultra durable material and features silent first-class wheels that are designed to glide over even the bumpiest of terrains.
The Everyday ManThe Everyday Man
My second item was the LaMetric Wi-Fi Smart Clock.  Again, you may be wondering how smart a clock can be but this one is part clock, part connected device.  It not only keeps you up to date with the time, it will let you know when you have new emails or tweets and even update you with the latest news and weather.  It also looks really cool, sat on my desk and even makes it easy to keep an eye on my social stats.

I hope that has given you some food for thought but there are loads more cutting edge and innovative products out there to be explored.  You can start to explore the future for yourself at

This is a collaboration in partnership with Amazon.

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