The easier way to the USA

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Arriving in the states after a long flight and joining that horrible long queue for customs is one of the things I like least about travelling.  Tired, hungry, needing the loo and feeling generally irritable is not mixed well with an often long wait to be ‘processed’.

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Not to mention that feeling of panic.  Even though I am about as innocent as Ghandi I start to panic as if I some kind of international smuggler…what if they ask me this, that or the next thing…well thankfully there is a slightly easier way.  It is not generally that well know but by travelling to the states via Dublin with Aer Lingus you actually clear US customs before you leave Ireland. That means that when you touch down you can simply make your way to baggage reclaim and start enjoying your trip.

Dublin is actually the only capital in Europe that offers this US customs pre-clearance and to boot it’s in the right direction towards America so doesn’t add time onto your journey like when you go via Amsterdam or Paris.


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