Storing Your Home Gym Gear As We Get Back To Normal: Our Top Tips

home gym storage

When the UK went into lockdown, we all had to figure out how we were going to live our lives as normally as possible without leaving the house. So, we tried our hand cooking new and ambitious recipes, we had drinks with friends on video calls, and we bought a whole load of home gym gear to try and make sure that lockdown belly stayed as low-key as possible. Working out at home has made a huge difference to a lot of people, helping them to stay active and healthy at a time when we all needed to try and avoid living and sleeping on the sofa, but now things are finally starting to open back up and again and let’s face it: we would rather not be doing our fitness routine in the living room if we can help it.

There’s just one problem: where on earth are we going to store all that equipment? Over the last twelve months, most of us haven’t exactly had a huge amount of storage to spare, so finding room for everything from your yoga mat to an exercise bike, not to mention those weights, isn’t going to be easy. Here are a few tips for storing your home gym gear safely and securely.

Turn Your Shed Into A Proper Storage Space

In the last year of the pandemic, we have seen sheds converted into all sorts of things. They’ve been quiet little oases of calm for us to have a drink at the end of the day, they’ve been a workshop for all our home improvement and gardening projects, and they have even been converted into home cinema rooms. However, one of the most efficient uses of your garden shed is as a storage space.

Now, we know that a lot of gym equipment wouldn’t hold up too well in damp, poorly insulated space filled with cobwebs, which is why you may need to give your shed a bit of a facelift if you’re going to use it for storage. However, it will definitely be worth it to get that gym gear out from under your feet.

Explore Renting Storage Space

When you think about paying for storage space, it might seem like something that you would only do if you were moving to a new house or going through some other major life change. However, there are many different options out there, with plenty of different sizes, which makes it an excellent choice if you’ve been wanting to get that home gym gear out of the house.

Storage units are also a lot more accessible than you might think, and they have the added bonus of being incredibly secure. To find out more about how a personal storage unit might work for you, why not visit Safetore? They have a wide range of different options and an excellent Trustpilot rating.

Think About Repurposing That Spare Room

Every non-essential room suddenly becomes highly sought during the pandemic, especially as so many of us were working from home, not to mention home schooling our kids. As things start to go back to normal, we can all take a bit of a step back (not to mention a deep breath) to think about whether we are making the most of the space we have available. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room that hasn’t been turned into an office, then you should think about committing to turning it into a designated storage space. This will obviously rob you of some flexibility, but it should stop the slow spread of clutter throughout your house.

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