A visit to the Original New & Lingwood Store

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Recently I was invited up to Eton to have a look round the original New & Lingwood store and to learn a about the history of the brand.  Having never been to Eton (or Windsor) before and having very little knowledge of New & Lingwood before I jumped at the chance.

The store itself sits on the High Street in Eton just a stones throw from the gates of the renowned boys public school and that is very much where the origins of this brand lie, as an official uniform outfitter for the school.

It all started way back in 1865 when Miss New and Mr Lingwood met whilst Miss New was working at what is now a sister company W.V Brown in 1863.  For over 150 years now and counting New & Lingwood have served many thousands of Etonians.

They have since spread their wings to Jermyn Street in London much like many of the former students and have diversified their collections to feature not only the core uniform lines but tailoring, fashion collections and accessories.

Neville McCarthy - New And Lingwood - Eton, United Kingdom

As you enter the Eton shop your eyes are immediately drawn to the wall of brightly coloured socks and caps each one representing a school house or club.

Towards the back of the store the tailoring range is houses (although I am assured that this is just a small selection of that on offer at the much bigger Jermyn Street branch) and it is here that I begin to fall in love with pretty much everything.

From jackets, to dinner suits to the luxurious and maybe slightly absurd brightly coloured and patterned dressing gowns you feel as if you may have walked into the private wardrobe of a member of royalty.

new & lingwood 983

new & lingwood 1802

New & Lingwood, 118 High Street, Eton, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 6AN

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