STREET ART London by Frank Malt

Street Art London Frank Malt Steam 156

Here at The Everyday Man, we love ourselves some modern art, especially the floods of paintings that are appearing in some of the UK’s finest cities.  ‘Street art’ has been a growing craze for many years but in the past decade, it has become more and more popular. Ordinarily, when someone hears the term ‘Street art’ they automatically think of the elusive Banksy (possibly the most famous artist in this particular field) but there are countless other artists who have delivered some equally fantastic pieces.

In a new book, ‘Street Art London’ produced by Frank Malt, an art fanatic with over 30 years worth of knowledge behind his pallet, we are given access to some of London’s best kept artistic secrets. The book is filled with a unique variety of pictures and comments documented from the artists who have paved the streets of London with their finest pieces of work.

Street Art London is available now from Amazon and is a must-have for anyone with an interest in modern art and street art.

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