Styling Guide to Style a Bomber Jacket

Styling Guide to Style a Bomber Jacket

Even though bomber jackets are unisex, we mostly see men wearing them more often. Bomber jackets have been around for more than a decade, but they have never lost their popularity as a key piece of fashion garment. 

People wear bomber jackets differently, depending upon the weather and what kind of occasion it is. However, a proper styling guide is needed to perfectly wear and enhance their elegance. 

The current styling guide is all about how men can style a bomber jacket.   

Key Points to Consider

Before styling your bomber jacket, you need to pick one that best suits your needs. There are a variety of colours, styles, and materials to choose from. Bomber jackets are a great outerwear for winter as well as fall, but they can similarly accentuate your style in springs and summers.

Pick The Material

Nylon is the all-time classic material used for bomber jackets, but they are also made from leather, cotton, linen, suede, silk, and canvas. 

Nylon bomber jackets are made of lighter material, so you can easily wear them over plain t-shirts and jeans. They are mostly used as casual outfits, so you cannot wear formal clothing items with it, such as dress pants or formal shirts. 

When it comes to leather bomber jackets, the choices are endless! You can style it with sweaters, high-necks, cotton pants, leather pants, denim, khakis, formal shirts, and even polos. A brown leather jacket provides the most use and versatility, but black bomber jackets can also be used as monotone inspiration. 

Made of soft suede, suede bomber jackets add unique variety to men’s outerwear. Brown is the most common choice for suede bombers, works well with a sweater, t-shirt, polos, high-rise boots, sneakers, and runners.

All other materials for bomber jackets, such as cotton, silk, or canvas, look stylish but they do not provide more comfort and protection.  

Choose Your Color

If you wish to remain on a budget and choose the colour that goes with most outfits, black is your go-to choice. Black bomber jackets look simple, decent, and suitable for most weathers. You can wear them over hoodies and trousers during winters or light-weight shirts and chinos during summers.

Most men also like to go for white bomber jackets as they lend themselves well to other unique outfits. For example, during warm spring days, white bomber jackets are better than other dark-coloured ones. You can effortlessly style them with neutral tones, bright prints, and sophisticated patterns.

On the other hand, brown bomber jackets suit more with clothing items such as whites, blacks, greys, browns, and even red. However, guys who wish to go exceptional and try other colours for their bomber jackets can choose from red, grey, burgundy, blue, and olive green. One needs to make sure to style these colours in a lighter aesthetics, or else it would be too showy for casual attire. As for shoes, white or black sneakers or loafers look more appropriate with dark-coloured bomber jackets. 

Fitting Options

Some people prefer to wear slim-fit bomber jackets, which are great for wearing on top of a tee for random evening plans. A leather jacket is best for providing the neatest fitting unless you want to dress up like the ’80s with boxy, oversized bomber jackets.

Some guys prefer baggier bomber jackets, which are good for layering and for attaining a cool vibe. However, make sure you can easily zip it up with enough room for a sweater or jumper underneath. 

Bomber jackets can be worn either zipped or fully open, depending upon what style one like to opt for. Usually, people prefer to wear it open to show off the layered clothes, mostly during spring and summer. However, if the weather is cold, one might choose to zip up their bomber jacket. Nonetheless, every fit works well as long as one can wear it with ease and comfort over different innerwear. 

Going Formal

Since traditional suits and formal shirts are falling out of fashion in recent years, most men are heading in the direction of wearing a leather bomber jacket as a viable substitute. These can certainly be worn in formal professional settings with dress pants, lightweight knits, shirts, and a pair of oxfords.

You just need to select a bomber jacket with minimum embellishments to wear at formal events. As for the choice of colours, choose black, brown, or navy, since they are mostly decent and chic.

Accessorize Your Jacket

You must not forget to give your bomber jacket attire a final touch with some light accessories. These could easily be belts, caps, silver bracelets, necklaces, or metallic rings. There are various options to choose from and a guy must not shy away from flaunting minimal jewellery. 

However, it all depends on the occasion you are wearing your bomber jacket on. For example, in business meetings, make sure not to complement any jewellery with your bomber jacket and keep it simple. Although, if it’s about evening plans or night-outs, a few pieces of jewellery can amp up your outfit.

Also, try out your baggy bomber jacket with denim shorts and a baseball cap, and you will certainly turn every eye on you! 


This styling guide on to style a bomber jacket tells you precisely why you must have at least one bomber jacket in your wardrobe. There are several ways men can try a bomber jacket on different occasions. So, if you are someone who needs a transitional and versatile jacket that can go with most outfits and can be used in every season, our advice would be to invest in a bomber jacket. 

Bomber jackets will not only keep you comfy but drastically give you so many options to style yourself. Due to the myriad of colours, styles, and materials to choose from, this essential menswear never goes out of style. Make sure to align your colours well and pull on different accessories to enhance the look. 

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