Summer cruise destinations you can’t miss this year

Are you planning a getaway? Here in the UK, summer has been something of a washout so far, so it makes sense for many of us to be imagining days spent on sun-drenched shores.

Setting sail on a luxury cruise sounds dreamy right now. Should you have your sights set on climbing aboard, it’s worth taking the time to research some of the most captivating destinations. To inspire you, here’s a look at the locations that might be on your radar and others that may be a little off the beaten track.

The Mediterranean

This is a firm favourite for those who enjoy luxury getaways. From historical landmarks and stunning coastlines to its delectable cuisine, the Mediterranean offers an eclectic holiday experience.

High-end Mediterranean cruises often feature exclusive shore excursions such as private tours of the Vatican, wine tastings in Tuscany, and helicopter rides over the Greek islands. P&O Cruises travel to destinations like Spain and France, where you can sail to Barcelona and take in works by Gaudi, and explore Marseilles, with its Greek roots evident throughout.

The Caribbean

Crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and captivating marine life make the Caribbean an idyllic summer escape. Each island offers something different. So, you can soak up the vibrant atmosphere in Jamaica and Barbados, take a dip in some hot springs in St Lucia or go diving in Grenada.

Depending on how long you want your cruise to be, you may be able to explore several islands. Look out for itineraries that tick off your travel bucket list.

The Norwegian Fjords

For those seeking a unique blend of natural beauty and luxury, the Norwegian fjords offer an unforgettable experience. Dramatic landscapes, with towering cliffs and serene waters, provide a backdrop that is both awe-inspiring and tranquil. Shore excursions might include private hikes to scenic viewpoints, guided tours of charming villages, and helicopter flights over the fjords.

The best time to visit this area is between late June and early August. Temperatures are at their highest around this time of year, often climbing towards a pleasant 23°C on average.

The South Pacific

With its remote islands and azure lagoons, the South Pacific offers a sense of adventure and seclusion. Destinations like Bora Bora, Fiji, and Tahiti are synonymous with luxury and romance, making them perfect if you’re planning a romantic cruise.

Bespoke excursions such as diving with manta rays or visiting traditional Polynesian villages are among the most popular activities here.


Alaska’s rugged landscapes make it a must-see for many travellers. The combination of glaciers, forests, and diverse wildlife provides a breathtaking backdrop for a summer cruise.

Local restaurants serve up delicacies like Alaskan king crab, and you may be able to experience exclusive shore excursions. Helicopter tours to glacier fields, private fishing trips, and guided wildlife safaris are popular among visitors to this part of North America.

Where will you travel to on your cruise this summer?

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