Supperclub, Amsterdam

The Everyday Man

Believe it or not there is more to Amsterdam than canals, weed and naked ladies.  If you do a spot of research before visit you will find that there is a pretty cool hipster scene as well as loads of galleries and pretty decent nightclubs.  One of these is Supperclub.

The Supperclub is reminiscent of the kind of venue you would expect to find in Marbella or Ibiza.  The only difference here is that instead of partying under the stars or sunshine you are within a large warehouse space, accessed off a lane near Dam Square.  There are now versions around the world, from LA to Dubai, however, it all started in Amsterdam.

Inside everything is brilliant white floors, walls and fixtures and beds along two sides of a warehouse space.  When you arrive you are taken to a bed and asked by the host if you have any allergies.  There’s no actual menu, as everything is kept very seasonal.  The elevator music that plays on arrival slowly develops into something all the more lively as the DJ takes to the decks.

Maybe not somewhere for every Saturday night but if you fancy something a little different and find yourself in Amsterdam it is certainly worth a visit.

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  1. Nice. Reminds me of the Bed Superclub in Bangkok.

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