Take a Virtual Tour of the Audi Factory

Audi Factory tour

Looking for a way to ‘virtually’ escape isolation? Audi is offering its enthusiasts a guided tour of its production plant at Ingolstadt, Germany, all from the safety of home.

The ground-breaking online interactive tour will take you behind the scenes of the worlds largest Audi factory to a space equivalent in size to the whole of Monaco. It even has it’s own train station!

AudiStream will enable you to cover the entire site in as little as 15 minutes from the very comfort of your own home. All you need is a laptop or mobile internet-enabled device, and you can access it free of charge.

You can experience the A3 bodyshop and the A4 assembly line, then see how 2,300 cars are produced daily by 45,000 workers, moving through every part of the process, right up to the point when the engines are switched on for the very first time.

To book your 20-minute time slot for the Audi factory tour, head over to audi.stream.

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