The 20-minute morning skincare routine guaranteed to improve your beard

If you’re looking to take better care of your skin and beard, it’s easy to get lost in all the information about male skincare routines as well as the sheer quantity of lotions and creams out there. However, your skincare routine doesn’t have to be a chore, nor does it have to involve hundreds of different potions.

To celebrate World Beard Day, the team over at Vitabiotics with their Wellman men’s grooming range have put together a foolproof morning skincare routine. Taking just 20 minutes and involving three steps only, you will have your skin and beard looking and feeling great in no time at all!

Find out what skin type you have

Before getting started on your skincare routine, it’s important you know what type of skin you have. This may be the first time you’ve ever heard that there are different skin types or even considered what skin type you might have but it’s pretty easy to find out and will help you take better care of your skin.

The 5 types of skin – which skin type do you have?

Normal skin – You probably have always thought that you have normal skin, however, this skin type means that it’s oil-free for most of the day and doesn’t easily get irritated or dry out. If you have this skin type you’ve probably also never had too much of an issue with acne.

Oily skin – This skin type is characterised by having a natural shine to it and oily patches. You’ve probably had issues or build-up of acne if you have this skin type.

Dry and/or sensitive skin – Does your skin ever feel tight or dry? If so, then this is your skin type and you will more than likely have experienced regular skin irritations.

Ageing skin – If your skin looks wrinkled, weathered and older than it should then it’s probably a result of you not taking care of your skin or the general effects of ageing. Don’t worry though, it’s never too late to start your skincare routine and reverse the effects of time.

Combination – If your skin type doesn’t fall into the previous four skin type categories then like many people you have a combination of skin types. If you imagine a ‘T’ with the horizontal line going across your forehead and the vertical line following your nose, this is known as the T-zone. Many men have an oily T-zone but with dry and/or sensitive skin on the rest of their face.

Now that you know your skin type, you’ll be able to buy the few skincare products you need according to your skin type in order to complete this 20-minute routine for the best results.

Step 1: Wash your face

We told you it was a simple start. All you need to do to begin your skincare routine is wash your face once in the morning and you can also include another face wash before you go to bed.

This gets rid of all the dirt, dust and grime from your skin and beard. Make sure not to use a standard bar of soap or liquid hand soap to wash your face as this will dry out your skin, especially the area beneath your facial hair.

When your skin dries out, your body produces more oil to keep the skin hydrated and this will result in oily skin and perhaps an outbreak of acne. We recommend buying a gentle and hydrating face wash such as the Wellman Face Wash. It shouldn’t take long before you begin to see your skin revitalised and feeling refreshed.

Step 2: Use a toner to rebalance the pH of your skin

The last time you heard of pH levels was probably in your secondary school science lessons. Your skin has a thin layer of acid mantle which protects your skin from bacteria and viruses among other contaminants. Your skin’s pH level depends on just how effective your acid mantle is at protecting your skin.

When washing your skin, as well as removing the dirt and grime you are also getting rid of some of your skin’s goodness by removing some of your acid mantle and changing your skin’s pH.

This leaves your skin open to bacteria and viruses. Buying and applying a toner according to your skin type helps to rebalance the pH levels after washing your face. To apply the toner after following Step 1 of this skincare routine, pat your skin dry and then apply or spray your face toner evenly. If your toner doesn’t have a spray nozzle use a cotton ball to apply it to your face and then let it dry naturally.

Step 3: Apply your moisturiser

With the toner now air-dried, you can start to apply your moisturiser to provide the hydration your skin needs. By applying moisturiser you’re letting your body know it doesn’t need to produce any more oils. This is an important step especially if you have a beard as the skin underneath your facial hair can easily dry out – and although it is out of sight, it is by no means less important. If your beard hair is brittle, you can add a little olive oil or some natural oils to it at this stage to keep it looking at its best.

It’s important that once you start this skincare routine you stick with it. Taking just 20 minutes to complete it is quick and easy enough to fit into even the busiest of daily routines. The key to the success of healthy skin and a great looking beard is consistency. Once you stop or return to bad habits, your skin and facial hair will also return to its former self.

If you’ve got your own quick and easy personal skincare routine or add-ons to this routine, we’d love to hear how you keep your skin and beard looking at its best.

This is a partnership post in collaboration with Vitabiotics

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