The new denim brands I’m wearing this Winter

The Everyday ManLike most guys, denim is one of the foundations of my wardrobe.  It’s one of the most wearable, comfortable and versatile fabrics ever created and is the reason that jeans have become the trouser of choice for the masses.  Although they wear originally produced as a hardwearing work trouser they are now more often or not worn as a more casual, relaxed look.

The relationship we have with our jeans is quite unlike any other item of clothing too. We all have a ‘favourite’ pair that has been with us for many years.  Thankfully the hardwearing nature of the fabric means that our favourites can in fact last many years.  When it comes to shopping for a new pair it can be quite a tricky process as just like trying to replace anything else that we love, we will always compare them to what we had before, to our ‘favourites’.

In recent months I have been searching for some new jeans myself and until now had struggled to find anything that I liked, let alone loved.  The shapes and styles just didn’t seem fit properly or I didn’t like the wash or detailing.  Much like anything in life though my luck changed suddenly and I found a few new brands that seemed to tick all of my boxes at once.

A Day’s March

The Everyday ManI was only introduced to A day’s March recently but it turns out the Swedish menswear label actually started off in 2014.  Their collection brings together everything that I like: Clean-cut basics and wardrobe staples of the highest quality.  Instead of putting out a collection crammed with hundreds of lines, they have chosen to keep their range small but perfectly curated to include the ‘perfect essentials’.

The A Day’s March range of jeans follows the same ilk as the rest of their collection.  Their Denim No 1 is a contemporary fitting jeans in a slim, tapered silhouette and comes in 3 colour washes – vintage (my favourite), tumbled raw and black.  If like me, you are a fan of slim, simple denim then these should definitely be on your radar.  I found the sizing to be a tiny bit on the neat side though, so that is something worth bearing in mind if ordered.

CR7 Denim

The Everyday ManThis one surprised me a little if I’m honest, as I didn’t expect to like these jeans but I did.  I’d been looking for good quality black stretch denim for a while now to wear with trainers and was really struggling.  Most of the styles I had tried on previously were just far too tight and looked hideous on but I found the CR7 Painted on Skinny Jeans to be ideal.  They are tapered right down to the ankle to they sit snug which is just what I was looking for.  I find that if a pair of jeans sits tight on your thigh but it loose towards the ankle it just throws the proportions out and looks wrong.

Some of the rest of the CR7 range is a little too ‘European’ looking for my own liking (think along the lines of Replay) but they definitely have some very nice styles in there too and if you want to take your denim level to the extreme they do some really nice denim shirts!

H&M Edition

The Everyday ManSo this one isn’t a new brand but instead a new menswear line that H&M have just launched for AW17.  H&M remain my favourite high-street retailer and I’ve long been a fan of their ‘Premium’ line of basics so I was excited to see what ‘Edition’ brought to the table.  I’m glad to say they have not let me down as I fell instantly in love with the collection that consists of well crafted, quality essentials. It really stands out from the rest of the H&M shop floor and reminded me a lot of the product from A Day’s March actually.

The price-point of course reflects the improvement in quality, so you can expect to pay £49.99 for a pair of their skinny jeans but I think it’s worth it.  These jeans will wear better, wash better and generally last you much longer than a pair that cost £19.99 ever would.  Aside from the denim, H&M Edition includes a standout grey cashmere blend coat and some really nice knitwear too.


Do you have a favourite denim brand of your own?  Drop me a comment below and let me know what one it is so that I can check them out too.

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