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I love shopping but at times it is difficult to find enough time to grab a decent look around the shops.  Unfortunately we do not all have the budget of Hollywood stars and are therefore not able to employ a full-time stylist to keep us looking on trend.  Or can we?  The Chapar certainly think they can help us with just that.

So who are The Chapar?  Basically The Chapar are an online personal styling service dedicated to menswear.  Working with a pretty cool collection of brands along the lines of Hentsch Man, Albam, John Smedley and Levis, the team at The Chapar create a custom collection of looks and key pieces for you depending on your style profile.

I was recently asked to give the service a bash and was pretty impressed overall.  Step one is to register with the online website and to complete your style profile.  They want to know what kind of brands, fits and styles you wear or definitely would not wear.  If you have an occasion coming up and wish some looks on this basis or simply want a mixed smart/casual selection of clothes the stylists will take your profile onboard.

The Chapar

The morning after I filled out my profile I received a telephone call from Alison, she was one of the stylists on the team and told me that she would be putting my box together.  She asked for a little more information based on my style profile and told me a little more about the next steps.  As this was the first time I had used the service, Alison told me that she would send a mixture of styles and fits and would try to gauge my preferences based on my answers to her questions.

A couple of days later The Chapar treasure chest arrived at my door.  I opened it up and firstly found a note in the brands signature bright orange paper and an envelope with a rundown of the box’s contents.  There was quite a wad of clothing inside.  Alison had bundled items into outfits that were tied together with string.  A nice little touch I thought.

The Chapar

I had asked for a more casual based box and was delighted with some of the items included.  Oxford shirts, soft cotton t-shirts and dockers plenty.  As predicted some of the pieces I liked more than others, there were some items I would never pick up in a shop but as they were included I tried them on.  In particular, a navy seamless t-shirt by Albam caught my eye as did some slim-fitting Scotch & Soda jeans.  These were 2 brands that I had not tried before and 2 that fitted me perfectly so I was glad to have been introduced to them.

The Chapar

Now I bet you are wondering what kind of fee a service like this would command.  Well there is no additional cost on top of the products normal rrp.  They don’t mark up the prices or cut them down, you can expect to pay the same at The Chapar for an item as you would on the high street.  The only difference you get is the personalised service direct to your door.

When you have selected the items that you want to keep, you simply contact the stylist again who will arrange a collection for the remaining items.  They only charge you based on the items you do not return.

As much as I love shopping online and do get most of my wardrobe from etail sites, I sometimes find the process of trawling through page after page of clothing a little tedious.  The Chapar is definitely a great middle-ground for those of us who can’t find the time or don’t want to shop in a bricks and mortar store.

Ready to get involved?  Head over to to get started.

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