The Famous Grouse invites you to be part of Something Famous…

Not content with being the best-selling blended whisky brand in the UK, The Famous Grouse have recently set themselves a new challenge.  Their Something Famous campaign is asking people the world over the question ‘What would you like to be famous for?’.

The creative juices of artists Studio Roso and Marshmallow Laser Feast will be combined with a top team of 34 engineers who will then come together to transform the global responses as the basis for a magnificent new sculpture.

One of Us on a Tricycle

To launch this monumental design process we were invited along to the Cass Sculpture Foundation in Sussex.  The Cass project was launched back in 1992 by Wilfred and Jeannette Cass, who actually still live amidst the sprawling 26 acre woodland site.  Over 400 works of art have been shown within the grounds since it’s inception by artists including Tony Cragg, Stephen Cox and Lynn Chadwick.

The Host

Even on a somewhat damp Autumnal day the park emanates a vibe of fantasy and tranquility as you meander through the trees encountering 80 or more beautiful works of art.  It is hard to pick a stand out piece from the current collection with so many differing sizes and styles on display, however ‘Host’ by Peter Burke and the rather subjective ‘One of Us on a Tricycle’ by Steven Gregory rank high on my list.

The Famous Grouse

Fancy your chances at making it ‘Famous’ yourself?  Head over to and to get involved with this unique design project!


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