The Five Items You Need On Your Back To The Gym Checklist

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Whether you were someone who was hitting the weights at least once a day or someone who popped in to use the treadmill once or twice a week, we all missed the gym during the UK’s COVID lockdowns. We did our best to make do with what we had, doing Joe Wicks hit sessions on the gym mat in front of the TV or doing laps of our local park. But when the government finally said that gyms could reopen, we all breathed a sigh of relief. More than a million workouts were logged in April alone. Of course, there are some of us out there who have been putting off our return.

Whether it’s been because of illness, because of time issues, or simply because we didn’t feel ready, there are plenty of people who have not had the chance or felt like they wanted to get back to work in the gym. Now that the UK government has announced plans for rolling back the last of the lockdown restrictions, maybe it’s time for you to dust off those trainers and dig out those earbuds for a workout. Now, if it has been a little while since you last went to the gym, it’s probably time that you treat yourself to some new workout gear and equipment.

Is It Time For Some New Trainers?

We don’t need to tell you what working out in trainers that are falling apart can do to your feet. In the best-case scenario, you’re looking at blisters and some soreness, but you could also do yourself a serious injury if you should happen to slip and fall. Now that shops are open again, why not treat yourself to a new pair and make sure that they fit properly.

Treat Yourself To A New Tracksuit Or Hoodie

Everyone has their preferred workout gear. Sometimes it’s not even a conscious thing, we just find ourselves reaching for that same t-shirt every time we know we’re going to be pushing ourselves to the limit. The cool-down is just as important. We all want to feel comfortable and feel like ourselves, and the right hoodie or the right tracksuit is a key part of our workout regimen even if we don’t realise it.

If you’re heading back to the gym after being away for a long time, then maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some new items. If you’re looking for men’s oversized tracksuits, check out Gym King. They offer a wide range of sizes, with a 15% discount for students and 20% off for key workers.

Make Sure Your Gym Bag Is Up To Scratch

If there is one part of our workout gear that we tend to neglect, it’s the gym bag. If it’s still working and it’s still carrying our gear around without falling apart, it’s fine, right? Well, now that we’re turning the page and starting a new chapter, then maybe it is finally time that you commit to an upgrade. It’s a simple fact of life that gym bags have a nasty habit of holding onto the smell of our workouts long after we’ve showered off and put our clothes through the wash. If your bag is starting to smell like the ghost of HIT sessions past, then seriously: treat yourself.

Make Sure You Have Your Own Reusable Water Container

Let’s face it, none of us were that thrilled about using the public water fountain at the gym even before the pandemic. Now that there is a legitimate health reason why you should be avoiding putting your mouth near anywhere someone else’s hands have been, bringing your own water to the gym is not just a personal choice, it’s essential. We should also note that bringing your own reusable container isn’t just convenient, it’s helping to cut down on plastic waste. There have been plenty of reminders of how scary global warming is at the moment so why not make the effort to help where you can?

A Personal Fitness App And Heart Monitor

There are some people out there who are perfectly happy to do a few minutes on the cross-trainer and call it a day. But for a lot of us, we want to be seeing the progress that we’ve made in more detail than looking at what we’re weighing it.

A personal fitness app and heart rate monitor are invaluable tools if you have set yourself a fitness target. You will be able to log your activity and see if you’re on track to meet your goals. You will also be able to see if you’re pushing yourself too hard, and which activities seem to be putting your body under more strain than others. They can also be used to share your activity and data with your friends, so if you’re in the mood for a little friendly competition, get that group going!

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