The Most Popular Men’s Hobbies of 2023 Revealed

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When the work week is done and you finally get some time to yourself, you’ll probably want to pick a hobby that is ideal for you and makes the most of your time. Spare time really is precious, right?

In this guide, we’re exploring some of the most popular men’s hobbies of 2023, and what has made them so popular. This could spark some new ideas for people who are looking for a new hobby and a way to spend their evenings and weekends in a constructive way.

Casino gaming

Casino gaming has been popular for many years in locations where the industry is regulated. We often associate these sorts of games with trips to places like London or Las Vegas, but the world has changed. Access to casino games has become much more straightforward and people can log in and play wherever they are, even if this means playing on mobile while they’re on the train to work or relaxing in the evenings.

Casino gaming is a broad topic and there are many different ways to play casino games. One person might enjoy playing slot games which are completely related to luck, while some people like to play blackjack or poker, which have a bit more strategy involved.

Console gaming

This is an era where people can access amazing alien worlds and stunning, detailed simulations via a console in their home. There are also a lot of ways that players can enjoy these games while they travel, such as connecting to their Xbox via the Xbox app for mobile devices.

The most popular console games can have hundreds of millions of players, which goes to show the popularity of this hobby.

Console games are not just for men, obviously, and female gamers are fast catching up in terms of how many of them there are. The market penetration for consoles in the UK is getting much closer in terms of the gender divide.

There are many types of games that are popular among men, including first person shooter and simulation games.


It is always great if a hobby can tie in with a form of exercise, as this can provide a way to keep fit. Pretty much anywhere in the UK, there are options for people who love to cycle. They can cycle through a city on a limited edition Brompton or take their cycling to the country lanes and get a bike that can go off road.

As well as being a way to keep fit, cycling can also be a great way to get around, with a lot of people commuting into work. There are even tax benefits for some people who choose to cycle, and schemes to buy a bike through their workplace.

Cycling can be a little expensive if you’re going to buy all of the latest luxury equipment, but you can buy some basics and get up and running without spending a fortune.

According to figures in 2022, “approximately 7.61 million people participated in cycling, either for sport, leisure or travel, in England”. This illustrates how widespread this hobby really is. Of course, the fact that it is so functional helps this hobby stay in peoples’ day-to-day lives.

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Everybody is a photographer these days. Pretty much everyone owns a phone that is capable of taking some HD pictures, and we love to take pictures of our nights out, our family and pretty much anything else.

With the ability to shoot HD pictures from our phones, everyone can learn about the basics of photography and start to enjoy this hobby. This includes things like the rule of thirds and the golden ratio. These basics can enhance even an amateur’s photography abilities extensively, even if you just want to be able to take nice pictures when you are on your travels.

There are also a lot of DSLR cameras that are available with a reasonable price tag, and plenty of people that are also willing to spend a lot of money on their equipment. Photography can also be a social activity as there are plenty of photography groups and clubs. On top of that, it can potentially be a way to make money or a career option for people in the future.

Team sports

In the UK, there are a huge number of sports fans. It is a nation of people who love football, cricket, rugby and other sports, and there is an exceptional level of support for amateur teams as well as professional teams.

Village cricket, Sunday league football and many other types of sports are pretty simple to join. Like cycling, it is also a way to stay fit while you enjoy some comradery and competitiveness. A lot of us played sports growing up, and this can be a way to rekindle our passion for it.

Some sports like village cricket also give people the opportunity to socialise a lot. There are a lot of teams that have club bars and enjoy the tea as much as the match itself.


This is a hobby that has a lot of benefits besides just being fun. Being able to cook is an incredibly positive thing, enabling you to make delicious and healthy meals and potentially even saving you money on eating out.

If you’re going to have to cook in your day-to-day life, you might as well make it a bit more exciting by learning some new recipes and becoming the master. This can come in many different forms, whether you become king of the slow cooker or you’d rather wait for summers and learn how to barbecue perfectly.


Everyone has something slightly different in mind when it comes to hobbies, and we all have slightly different ideas of fun. For some it is playing sports, for others it is playing video games, while for others it could be a quiz, reading or cooking. Hobbies are an incredibly individual choice, but the above are among the most popular.

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