The new Hero 2.0 Backpack from Built for Athletes

Built for athletes backpack

After almost half the year at home, we’re finally able to think about getting a slice of our normal routines back. Like many of you, two of the things that I’ve missed the most whilst being at home is travelling and working out at the gym.

As I’m now thinking about both again, I figured it was a good time to look at a new backpack. Prior to the Covid-19 restrictions, I had joined F45 and realised at that time that the backpack that I was using needed replacing. It still looks ok but I found myself struggling to get my gym-kit, towel, washbag, water, headphones, change of clothes and everything else that I needed for s workout into it.

Built for athletes backpack
Built for athletes backpack
Built for athletes backpack

The Hero 2.0 backpack from Built for Athletes is an upgraded version of their best-selling Hero backpack. It features everything that everyone loved about the first one but with a few new additions.

Its 45L capacity makes the Hero 2.0 backpack the ideal backpack for the gym or a night away. There are literally loads of compartments and plenty of space for everything that you might need.

It’s waterproof (ideal for the British climate) and made from rip-proof fabric. The zippers and plastic hardware are also made from high quality, extra durable materials which means that this bag will last the test of time.

On each side there’s a bottle holder capable of holding a 750ml bottle. this should eliminate any chance of a protein shaker spillage in the main compartment of your bag. As a victim of this once of twice in my time, I can tell you that it is not at all pleasant.

To make your Built For Athletes bag really stand out, you can customise the velcro strap on the front with a whole host of patches. They sell velcro patches in a variety of country flags, slogans and motivational phrases.

There’s a compartment for your laptop too as well as space for up to 2 pairs of trainers, towel, clothes, meal prep, training tools and supplements. Essentially everything that you could possibly need. The separate zip pockets mean that it’s always easy to find whatever you need too.

The Hero 2.0 Backpack from Built For Athletes is available for £84.99 from their online store.

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