The Rising Popularity of Smartphone Gaming

close up view of a person playing league of legends

Over the past decade, mobile gaming has become increasingly popular. Despite the global economic downturn in recent years, this is one area that still managed to see growth YoY of around 0.6% – no mean feat, given that people were spending les son in-app purchases.

But what is it about mobile gaming – specifically smartphone gaming – that makes people want to join the fun?

Ease and accessibility

Right now, there are approximately 6.84 billion smartphones in the world. That accounts for around 85% of the 8 billion people in the world. With this in mind, it makes sense that many of us have access to games designed for our phones.

We access them via apps. And it’s understandable that apps are popular. These are quick, easy portals to the services we need, whether that’s banking, life admin or entertainment. A quick trip to the app store on your device will take you to the games that are available, and you can get busy playing in no time.

Also, as these games are designed for mobile devices, the graphics have to be clear and easy to decipher. There’s not the space you get when you play immersive games on a big screen. This can be another draw for players as the designs are vibrant and simple to follow, making them ideal for play on the go.


A quick scroll through your gaming store on your smartphone will show you everything from leading titles to more obscure games. There are so many options available, from perennially popular games like Candy Crush to brain teasers and variations of some of the retro mobile phone games like Snake. By having so much to choose from, you can switch up the games you play to suit your mood.

Play what you know

As well as being able to change things up, you can enjoy some of the more familiar options. A lot of gaming apps are a variation of their desktop counterpart. So, if you play roulette online, for example, you’ll often find that the app echoes the desktop gameplay, just in a mobile version.

Being able to play what you know in this way can make smartphone gaming eve more accessible.

What’s in store

The future of mobile gaming is bright. Games are constantly evolving in line with smartphone tech, so it’s possible to hook up to a secure Wi-Fi network or use a super speedy 5G connection to pick up where you left off.

We’re also set to see new games being launched. Gaming enthusiasts are regularly updating players with what’s in store in the world of mobile play and there are new releases to look out for.

So, if you’re tapping into mobile gaming, you’re not alone. It’s set to retain its popularity for years to come.

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