The Soundtrack to Brighter Nights

Brighter Nights

Aahhh I love love the summertime for so many reasons.  One of the things that I enjoy the most are those longer brighter nights that come as we head further into the middle of the year.  Thankfully with the nice spell of weather we have been enjoying over the past couple of weeks we have had a sneak preview…hopefully there is plenty more still to come.

Is there really much better than kicking back in the garden with a cold bottle of strawberry & lime Rekorderlig and listening to some sweet summer beats?  Honestly I think you will be hard pushed to come up with many ideas to trump that…simple things and all that.

Anyway I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to look ahead at some of the tracks that are going to be doing big business this summer.

My selection starts off with this absolute masterpiece from Hercules & Love affair on Defected and going all the way through to the wonderfully chilled ‘Stole The Show’ from Kygo.  Give them a listen and let us know what tracks you think we are missing out on via twitter with the hashtag #BrighterNights.


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