The tourism industry: Why travellers love Spain

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The way tourists book their holidays has changed dramatically in the past few years. With the rise of online bookings, there are now more options than ever when choosing a trip abroad.

While package holidays remain popular, with an estimated 13.51 million people set to select this type of holiday by 2027, it’s now easier than ever to book flights, hotels and transfers separately. Meaning that, for many, getting a great deal is just a click away.

And one location which continues to top the list of the most popular holiday destinations is Spain. So, what is it about this Latin-speaking country that appeals to UK holidaymakers?

The weather

Holiday in Spain and you’ll enjoy the almost all-year-round sun and pleasant temperatures. Even during the winter months, the country enjoys much sunshine and a lot less rain than the UK.

The Canary Islands offer the best of year-round weather with an average temperature of 22 degrees in December.

Range of resorts to choose from

Whether you’re flying solo, enjoying a couples’ trip, a family break or holidaying with friends, there are plenty of resorts that offer a range of activities and relaxation.

With waterparks for the kids, golden sandy beaches for sun seekers and the vibrant nightlife for partygoers, Spain is the go-to destination.

Relaxed lifestyle

The Mediterranean lifestyle is set at a more leisurely pace, with siestas the norm during the hottest parts of the day. This makes the country, and its islands, the perfect place to escape.  

Spanish cuisine

The country’s dishes offer a diverse and regional selection with popular options being tapas, paella and Spanish tortillas. Holidaymakers enjoy a wide variety of fruits, seafood and vegetables, and the signature drink, sangria.

Rich culture

While many popular tourist areas are home to British bars, restaurants and shops, you don’t have to travel far to experience the colourful, artistic Spanish heritage.

With stunning architecture across its towns and cities, authentic music and an array of festivals and celebrations, there’s a huge variety of culture to discover.

Frequent, short flights

With regular flights from airports across the country, it’s easy to find one that suits you at pretty much any time of year. And as the average flight time is just over 2.5 hours, you can be enjoying your sangria by the pool in next to no time. It’s also fairly easy to book transfers from the airport to your hotel between popular resorts such as Alicante and Benidorm.


The Spanish enjoy a good quality of life with many aspects being cheaper than here in the UK. Although living costs have risen across the world, it’s still reasonably affordable to enjoy meals out and leisure activities in Spain, compared to other countries.

It’s no wonder that UK holidaymakers return to Spain year after year, as the popular destination continues to tick all the boxes for a fun-filled, affordable and authentic getaway.

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