The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Jewellery with R&O Man

Guide to Men's Jewellery

When you think of men’s jewellery what springs to mind? Mr T’s not so subtle gold chains? A classic watch or a simple wedding ring? Thankfully the growing selection of men’s jewellery on offer shows that there has never been a better time to shake things up when it comes to your accessories.

With the likes of A$AP Rocky, Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet showing us how to style men’s jewellery, it’s easy to see why jewellery is the must-have men’s accessory for 2021. When it comes to picking your staple styles, however, choosing the right pieces can be a bit of a minefield.

With this in mind, we’ve teamed up with the experts from online jewellers, R&O Man to provide you with the ultimate guide to men’s jewellery. Read on for your helpful guide covering everything from choosing the right chain length to matching metals and essential jewellery styling tips.

Guide to Men's Jewellery

Pick the occasion

First things first, you need to make sure that the pieces you’re wearing match the occasion. Designs that will complement a casual outfit may not always be suitable for more formal events. For example, a vibrant men’s pendant is the perfect choice to add a pop of colour to basic layers, while cufflinks and a sleek ring will set off your sartorial style effortlessly. Where you plan to wear jewellery is the essential first step in picking the right pieces.


If you’re new to the jewellery game then you may not want to splash out on fine jewellery pieces just yet and opt for more modest, affordable designs.

Ruby & Oscar’s selection of affordable men’s jewellery is a great port of call if you’re looking to add jewellery to your outfit on a budget. Prices start at £60 which means you can build your jewellery collection with precision-crafted pieces without breaking the bank.

Guide to Men's Jewellery

The basics of men’s jewellery

Encompassing everything from timeless cufflinks to fantastical gemstone rings, the selection of jewellery for men has come a long way. So where to begin when it comes to adding the latest in men’s accessories to your collection? No matter what your personal style there are four staples in men’s jewellery design; necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets and rings that are a great place to start.


Of course, the first thing that springs to mind when you think of men’s necklaces has to be chains. The beauty of a simple chain is that whatever your style there is a thickness, metal and shape to suit everyone’s tastes.

Guide to Men's Jewellery

Finding the right chain length is also a crucial consideration. For a piece that sits higher on the chest, just below your Adam’s apple, 18-20” is the way to go. These shorter styles make great layering necklaces. Why not pair structural design details with a vintage pearl choker for a playful take on beachside vibes that is bang on trend?

Longer chains with adjustable clasps are the essence of casual cool and can be styled many ways. Rock a men’s gemstone pendant with casual layers to add some interest to basic layers. This Sterling silver gemstone pendant is an easy way to colour block with your favourite tones without going overboard on the details.

Guide to Men's Jewellery


As restrictions ease and we welcome events, weddings and celebrations back into our lives there has never been a better time to invest in a pair of cufflinks.

Functional and ornamental, cufflinks are a great go-to for any guy who enjoys intricate design details. These timeless essentials can be worn with French cuffs and make a great finishing touch for formal events, work or special occasions. For the ultimate style, coordination make sure to match metals with your favourite watch, tie clip or ring to really accent your look.

Guide to Men's Jewellery


When it comes to men’s bracelets, less is definitely more. While it might be tempting to feel inspired by the on-trend necklace layering we’d recommend opting for a casual bracelet for everyday wear along with a more formal link bracelet to set off your suited look.

Leather bracelets are a great piece of jewellery for off-duty cool with a natural feel. Pair these with a long sleeve tee shirt and your favourite jeans to look put together with minimal effort.

If you’re after something more formal, then a link bracelet is a great option to match metals with your cufflinks, watch or tie clip. Stainless steel link bracelets can echo the classic design of your favourite watch tying together your formalwear with a flourish.

Guide to Men's Jewellery


One of the most dynamic pieces of jewellery available for men are rings. Timeless and eternal, when it comes to men’s rings there’s no end of choice. Rings are the first foray into jewellery for many men when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding ring to mark a new chapter in life.

However, it’s not just wedding rings there’s never been a better time to rock a statement gemstone ring. Opt for an ancient stone like turquoise or onyx for earthy accents or go all out with a statement ruby ring or sapphire design which is guaranteed to get you noticed.

Guide to Men's Jewellery

If you’re looking to add a ring to your collection that you’ll wear every day then a hardwearing, robust metal like tungsten or titanium are must-haves. Combining affordability and durability, these precious metals are also a popular choice for wedding bands.

Now that you’ve learnt all there is to know about men’s jewellery there’s never been a better time to take your accessories game to the next level. Discover the full collection of jewellery at R&O Man.

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