There’s an app for that!


App’s or applications used to mean forms or something pretty dull. These days if you use an iPhone, Android or one of the leading mobile phones you will be no stranger to term apps but a slightly different kind. There now seems to be an app to help you with every task no matter what it may be. App’s can tell you the weather, help you shop or book tickets and a whole manner of other things. There is a few that I simply would be lost without, and seem to spend an ever-increasing amount of time using them.

The top 5 app’s that I would be lost without are:

1. Shazam

Gone are the days of spending hours humming a tune in your head or to your friends trying to figure out the name or band, or listening to a tune on an advert and dying to hear it in full. Well, thanks to Shazam in a few short seconds the answer is in the palm of your hand. The app uses beat recognition technology to identify the song name and even gives you a link to download it!

2. Watsapp

Who actually sends ‘texts’ these days? Pretty much no-one except maybe your nan or spammers. The messaging platform app grew in popularity with the advent of BBM (the blackberry messaging service). With the advent of Watsapp users of iPhone’s and Androids can also take advantage of sending pictures, videos and creating group conversations using wifi or data. Watsapp makes it easy to stay in contact with friends and family even if abroad without spending a bomb in texts – just make sure you have a roaming bundle or wifi access.

3. Google Maps

You can now easily find your way from a to b with the various mapping apps like Google Maps. Not only can this find your exact location, but you can also plot routes, view satellite images and even use it as a sat nav when driving. These are often quicker and more up to date than traditional tomtom style sat nav’s and are obviously included in your phone meaning no need for expensive new hardware.

4. Deezer

Since I discovered Deezer I have not downloaded a single track from iTunes. The app is fantastic in my eyes. You can download pretty much any album or track (there are just a few missing but that’s life) onto your phone for one monthly subscription price. You can create custom playlists which can be shared with friends and on social networks.

5. Instagram

Last but in no ways least is Instagram, the picture (and now video) sharing app. The premise is pretty simple to take a picture, add a filter of your choice and share it with the world. The best part for me is having all of your pictures in the one place that you can scroll through whenever you want.

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