Tips for Passing Your Driving Test

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Becoming a driver is a big goal for many people. By passing your driving test, you can enjoy new freedom: you’ll be able to drive to any destination whenever you want. However, to reach this stage, you’ll need to pass your driving test. This can be more difficult than you might imagine: the pass rate for driving tests between January and March 2022 was 47.1 per cent. Below, we explore how you can beat this trend and pass your test.

Get the right instructor

For a start, getting the right instructor is essential. You’ll need someone who you can get along with. After all, you’ll be spending plenty of two-hour lessons in their company. On top of this, you’ll need an instructor who can help you improve. It might take trialling a few different instructors, but by getting the right support, it’ll be much easier for you to pass your test.

Get the right number of lessons

Getting the right number of lessons is important too. Ideally, you should start with a block of 10 two-hour lessons to help you learn the basics. From there, you and your instructor should have a better idea of the number of lessons you’ll need to succeed.

Practice outside lessons

Getting practice outside of lessons is key too. This can help you become more familiar with driving, without having to pay for a huge number of lessons. Just a little practice every day can help you get in a better position to pass. To do this, you’ll need to purchase a vehicle. Ideally, you’ll find a cheap, used car that you find comfortable to drive. On top of this, you’ll also need a family member who’s passed their driving test to supervise you.

Practice mock test routes

There are also practical ways for you to boost your chances ahead of the tests. One option is to practice some of the routes you might be asked to take. This can help you get used to difficult sections and manoeuvres, while also boosting your confidence.

Understand major and minor mistakes

Finally, it can also be worth learning major and minor mistakes to prepare yourself for the test. A minor mistake is something small that on its own won’t lead to you failing the test. You can have 15 minor mistakes in the same test and still pass – but three of the same mistake will result in failure. A major mistake is more dangerous and one major error will result in failure.

Passing your driving test might feel daunting. But by following the guide above, you should give yourself the best chance of success.

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