TomTom Cardio Watch Review


With a growing breed of exercise crazy individuals sweeping the globe, wristbands that monitor your physical performance have become the latest piece of must arm candy item.  TomTom has become the latest tech brand to grab a slice of the action with the launch of a watch-style fitness monitor.  The TomTom Cardio Runner uses 2 built-in LED’s and an optical sensor to analyse your heart rate.  Here comes the science bit…basically when your heart pumps faster the colour of your skin changes ever so slightly, the watch detects this and uses it to calculate an accurate heart rate.

Depending on your personal fitness goals you can use the Cardio Runner to help you focus on one of 5 zones from fat burn to endurance.  Depending on our heart rate and performance the watch will tell you whether you have to speed up or slow down.  You can also keep track of your distance, pace, speed and time which helps to monitor your progress as you push towards the finish line.

The MySports app and website has been updated too and helps you monitor your run routes and share your stats with friends and competitors.

To celebrate the launch of this ‘strapless’ wonder monitor, TomTom has enlisted model Alexandria Morgan to star in a controversial new advert.  The clip shows Alexandria running in slow motion to the ‘Chariots of Fire’ theme song wearing, yes you guessed it a strapless top!

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