LA Muscle ‘Six Pack Toner’

LA Muscle Six Pack Toner

Before I start this review let me say that no gel or wonder product is going to help turn your 6 keg abs into a ripped 6 pack.  When it comes to sculpting your perfect body NOTHING beats hard work and dedication.  There are however some handy tools which will assist you in topping up your 6 pack.  One of these is LA Muscle’s ‘Six Pack Toner’ gel, which I recently put to the test…

The ‘Six Pack Toner’ gel comes from a small family of post workout and recovery products that have been specially developed by the boffins at LA Muscle.  In a nutshell using the gel, which us applied directly to your abdominal area 1-3 times a day will help to eradicate the final couple of layers of fat that may be hiding your abs.  Using a blend of Amino Acids and Ficus Carica which are absorbed by the skin these work to break down the fat in your abdominal region.

The first thing I noticed when using this was that the skin around my abs felt and looked tighter.  If you plan on lying on your ass watching sky sports and think that this will work you are sadly mistaken.  If on the other hand you are prepared to hit the gym burn some calories and knock out some crunches, then the toning gel will most certainly assist you in your quest.

At £29.99 for 100ml it may seem a little steep but think about it this way, that’s just the price of 6 small takeaway meals…would you be just as hesitant in parting with your hard-earned cash for those?  Thought not.


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