Top Tips for Hosting New Year’s Eve

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Are you in charge of hosting New Year’s Eve this year? Whether you’re putting on a party for the masses or hosting a small gathering for your nearest and dearest, here are some top tips to pull off the perfect evening:

Opt for easy décor

With Christmas only a few days previous, it can often be hard to know how to decorate for an NYE party. It is nice to leave the Christmas decorations up to give a festive feel and a nice sparkle, but it also feels appropriate to add in some NYE-specific decorations too to symbolise the new year. Opting for easy-to-use decorations means this can be done seamlessly and that they will fit in with your existing décor. Balloons are a great option as they can be quickly added and easily disposed of too. Why not hang some 2023 bunting from the ceiling to make create even more excitement for the new year? Make sure that you have all the right tools you need to hand before the event itself. A dewalt nail gun set could be particularly useful for setting up quickly with little fuss.

Cater to everyone

One of the most stressful elements of hosting is often ensuring that everyone is catered to adequately. Whilst this can be tricky, with proper planning you should be able to make sure that everyone’s needs are met.

For food and drink, the easiest way to please everyone is to cover as many bases as possible; offering food that meets a range of dietary requirements such as vegan or gluten-free. Be sure to signpost food appropriately so people know what they can and can’t eat based on their requirements. For drinks, make sure to have some alcohol-free options available for those that can’t or don’t wish to drink. Make sure to also check beforehand whether any of your guests have any severe allergies, so you can avoid these things altogether. If you are still worried about catering to everyone, don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring their favourite drink with them, that way you can relax knowing that everyone has something they like.

Other ways to make everyone feel involved could include making a shared playlist to play on the night. When inviting people, ask them to add their favourite party song to the playlist. This is a great way to make sure that you play a range of music, and that there’s always someone on the dance floor!

Timing is key

Never has the timing of a party been more important than it is for an NYE party: a party that is literally dedicated to a countdown. Factor this in when doing your planning. Ensuring that the party reaches its peak around midnight may mean that you choose for it to start later than normal. Or you might prefer to plan an activity such as a quiz or competition into the evening’s agenda to make sure people aren’t ready to leave before the clock strikes twelve.

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