Top Tune: Jamie Lawson ‘I Wasn’t Expecting That’

I was driving home last night when I found myself singing along to this chilled little track on the Jo Whiley show (yes I listen to Radio 2 in the car).  I seemed to know the lyrics so done a bit of digging when I reached home into the artist Jamie Lawson.

The track ‘I wasn’t Expecting That’ was actually a hit in the Irish charts back in 2011 and has been covered by Ed Sheeran (I’m pretty sure that is where I first heard it). Anyway 39-year-old Jamie has recently signed with Ed Sheeran’s record label and the track will shortly receive a full-scale release.

The vibe is very stripped back along the lines of Ed’s own vocals but I really like it, it’s the simplicity that seems to make it work so well. Have a listen.

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