Travelling for Work During COVID-19: How to Look After Your Mental Wellbeing

businessman at airport

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly put an end to travelling for work as we once knew it. Today, all but essential trips for work have been replaced by Zoom calls and video conferences, providing a safer and cheaper alternative for businesses and their employees. However, some work travel might be necessary. In a present world where there’s much more to worry about than simply making sure that you make your gate on time, here are some tips to keep your mental health and wellbeing strong on your next work trip.

Prepare in Advance

Even if you’re only going to be travelling for a couple of days, there is so much more to think about right now when you are travelling internationally. COVID-19 testing, passenger locator forms, health declarations and vaccine passports are unavoidable in the travel industry, so getting prepared with everything as early as possible will provide you with peace of mind and prevent any last-minute stressful rushing. If you are fully vaccinated and travelling to a country where this is accepted for entry, you can download your vaccine record easily using the NHS app. However, certain countries will still require proof of a negative COVID-19 test to enter. Check using the website and if needed, book your private COVID test in London. My HealthCare Clinic provides various private COVID test London services for travel including fit to fly tests and day two tests for your return, including home kits or clinic tests

Stick to Your Routine

While sticking to your routine can be easier said than done if you are in a foreign country with jet lag, trying to stay as close to your usual routine as possible will help you stay healthy and happy. Whether that’s going to the gym in the hotel in the morning to work out as you normally would at home or having your lunch at the time you are used to, a sense of familiarity in your day will help you stay calm and collected.

Allow Time to Adjust

Wherever possible, it’s always worth booking a flight a day or two before you are required in the location to give your body and mind some time to adjust. Having some spare time when you arrive means that, instead of rushing to the first meeting, you can spend some time settling into your accommodation, relaxing after your flight, getting cleaned up and enjoying some healthy food, which will always be a better start to your stay.

Take Some Time for Yourself

Just because you are on a work trip, doesn’t mean that you have to be switched on for work all of the time. Despite COVID-19, many countries around the world still have restaurants and tourists attractions open with extra measures in place such as mask-wearing and social distancing. Outside of work hours, taking the time to explore the area and try new things can be a lot of fun and a great way to blow off steam or relax.

While business trips are certainly not as frequent as they once were due to COVID-19, some people do still have to travel for work. If you are one of them, keep these tips in mind to look after your mental health and wellbeing while you travel.

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