Tried & Tested: Bio Synergy ‘Whey Better’ Protein


The latest protein to be tried & tested by yours truly is  ‘Whey Better’, the core protein product from the Bio Synergy range.

Normally I hate chocolate protein, I’m not even that big a fan of actual chocolate bars to be honest so I was a bit dubious about trying this product initially.  Surprisingly I changed my mind a little after giving it a bash although I don’t think that I am quite ready to ditch strawberry in its favour.  It does of course come in a range of flavour options including banana, strawberry and vanilla.

One of my pet hates when it comes to shakes it bad mixing.  Lumps, bits stuck in the bottom or poor consistency are pretty common with a lot of formulas which can be pretty irritating.  You can of course opt for water or milk when mixing your drinks.  Personally I go with water a I find it easier, especially when on the go however if you are trying to up your calorie intake then milk is of course a better option for you.  Thankfully after a good 30 seconds shake the drink was smooth and easy to consume, with no chunks or unmixed surprises.

‘Whey Better’ is actually billed as the highest strength protein isolate on the market with a mightily impressive 89g-91.2g of protein per 100g.  So if you are looking to increase muscle mass, strength as well as recovery this is a great nutritional supplement to assist you.

On a side note one of my favourite meals is a stack of protein pancakes with blueberries …and occasionally Nutella. The protein made an excellent addition to my pancakes, the chocolate flavour added a great extra touch.

RRP £38.99 for a 750g tub

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