Tried & Tested: Pump Audio Earphones

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I swear my gym bag is like a big black hole for earphones, so many pairs seem to completely vanish off the face of this planet after I finish my workout.  Recently I encountered this problem yet again and decided to replace the rather crappy pair that I had picked up at the airport duty-free with the bright orange Pump Audio earphones.

Being a bit of a sucker for a gimmick (and a bright colour) I really liked the look of these earphones, the fact that they are being touted as the best in the world certainly had a certain appeal too.  Anyone who has suffered the poor sound quality from a set of apple earphones, for example, will know that the difference in quality can vary greatly, spending that little bit extra can really ramp up the bass and clarity of the sound.  If you are big into your music you want to listen to it the way it was intended after all so it is worth seeking out a quality product.

So how did the Pump Audio earphones perform in reality?  Pretty good actually.

When you open the box you will find 2 different sized earbuds which help you not only get a comfortable fit but also assist in blocking out background noise and the sound escaping.  I noticed they were super lightweight and that the flat cable didn’t get tangled as easily as a lot of others (one of my pet hates).  The built-in microphones enabled you to use these as a hands-free kit when attached to your iPhone, android or windows phone.  No matter how loud you are listening to your music you won’t miss any important calls.

I am not sure I could say these are ‘the best’ in the world but I certainly had no complaints, the sound was clear, the bass was good and they look pretty good too.  Price-wise they come in at £99 which maybe seems a little on the expensive side at first but one thing to remember is that they come with a 5-year warranty so as long as you don’t lose them you won’t need to buy another set for 5 years.  If you consider how many sets of cheaper earphones you may buy over a similar period it certainly ain’t long in adding up!

Our rating 4/5

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